Creative Direction -Digital Remedy

TLDR: I was the Creative Director at Digital Remedy for 3 years. In this role I led a team of designers and marketers, re-branded the business, re-imagined our product offerings, and successfully launched award winning ad-tech platforms. We created hundreds of pieces of collateral, pitched multi-million dollar RFP’s, and grew the brand into a 100m+ company with 7 unique solution sets.

Digital Remedy Branding

This isn’t an individual project so much as me trying to condense my experience as creative director into a page on a portfolio site. I’ll highlight a couple of the major projects we worked on, but I want to quickly note that perhaps the most gratifying aspect of this role was managing a team and helping them to grow. Launching new products, setting up design systems, and working with clients are all amazing experiences (why would I be doing this if I didn’t love design), but figuring out how to help co-workers grow and work through roadblocks gives me the warm fuzzies.

CPXi to Digital Remedy Rebrand

Over the course of 6 months I led the rebranding of CPXi to Digital Remedy. This was a huge undertaking, taking an established brand and consolidating all of its solutions under one umbrella required more than just design chops. 

 CPXi consisted of a number of different brands, all with their own looks and feels, who all worked on different sides of the advertising landscape, but also worked together to help clients, and also there was a media production brand, and a legacy tech platform with great brand equity, sound confusing yet? 


My job was to take this behemoth of a company, and consolidate the solutions into a system that made sense in the current environment, but also allowed for unlimited expansion. 

We did the basics, new logo, set up the typography, iconography, design system and colors, but we also dove a lot deeper. We re-wrote descriptions for every solution and crafted language that made sense to our customers, not just to insiders. We created tons and tons of collateral to help brands understand how we could help them, and worked extensively on developing a new brand voice and sales strategy. And it worked.

In the first year of the rebrand we saw a 10% boost to overall revenue, and a 380+% increase in EBIDTA. Since then the company has continued on an upward trajectory, largely based on the ability to pivot quickly and develop new solutions within the modular Digital Remedy brand system.


Client Support and Creative Services 

Ads. I can’t tell you how many ads I’ve made. I’ve worked with airlines, major league sports teams and international brands. Sometimes this was expanding a campaign the client had already created, and other times it was working within the guidelines given to us by the client and building out a campaign using their assets and styling.

Business Development

The success of Digital Remedy relied on being able to pivot quickly and develop new technology. We worked hard to identify what the next big thing in ad-tech would be. At any given time we could be in the discovery phase of 3 or 4 new tech platforms. I spent a lot of time reviewing white papers, analyzing reports, and using that information to help determine if a new solution was a viable business venture. Is there room in the market, does it actually solve a problem, would it be profitable?